Dr. Karen Campbell

Associate Dean of Academic and Workforce Instruction

Dr. Karen Campbell became a faculty member at Grayson College in August 2014 and became the Grayson Writing Center Coordinator in 2015.
Prior to working at Grayson College, she was the Learning Lab Manager for the South Campus Writing Center at Tarrant County College, starting there in 2012. She also worked as a graduate part-time instructor at Texas Tech prior to 2012. She has presented at a number of professional conference in her time as a student and instructor.
In terms of education, she completed her bachelors of arts in English at West Texas A&M University, her masters of arts in English at Baylor University, and her doctorate in English with a specialization in Medieval Literature and Theory at Texas Tech University.


ENGL 1301 MW


ENGL 1302 MW

Dr. Karen Campbell

Position Title: Associate Dean of Academic and Workforce Instruction
Department: Academic Instruction

Liberal Arts Building
Room 102

campbellk [at] grayson [dot] edu

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Last updated: 08/11/2023