Keri Harvey

Education Professor




TECA 1354


Dr. Keri Harvey joined Grayson College in January 2009, as the fulltime education professor. While at Grayson College, she has taught education, child development and physical education courses.

Dr. Harvey has been active at the state level in the Child Development Associate Educators (CDEA) organization. In 2014-15, she was President of the organization. Since 2015, she has been the Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators (ACCESS) representative on the CDEA board. She currently represents Texas on the ACCESS board at the national level as well.

Dr. Harvey has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation with an emphasis in orientation and mobility (O&M) and Master’s in Education in special education with an early childhood emphasis from Stephen F. Austin State University. She worked in prisons with inmates that are blind and worked in several school districts working with children who are blind in an O&M capacity. She earned a Ph.D. in Early Childhood from Texas Women’s University. Her dissertation was on bullying.

Dr. Harvey is a certified orientation and mobility specialists. She has worked with children who are blind for over 20-years.

Dr. Harvey’s greatest passion is helping to improve the quality of childcare provided to children. All children deserve to have the best care possible!

Keri Harvey

Education Professor

South Campus
Room 121B

harveyk [at] grayson [dot] edu

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Last updated: 01/25/2022