Chase Machen

Dean of Academic Studies



1301.B01NT & B02NT



Dr. Chase Machen is currently Dean of Academic Instruction at Grayson College.  A former Fellow at UNT and transplant from the Tarrant County College system, Dr. Machen arrived here at Grayson in the fall of 2010 as a new professor of history.  In 2011 he assumed the duties of Department Chair of Social Sciences.  In 2012 and 2014, Grayson College honored Dr. Machen with its Professor of the Year award in recognition of his outstanding teaching, advancing the mission of the college, and of course his attitude toward serving our students. Dr. Machen is also a regular presenter on Pathways initiatives at Grayson College and its impact on student success.  He also serves as a lead member of the SACSCOC accreditation team, as well as the Achieving the Dream Core Team. In his spare time he offers free lecture series to the community on a frequent basis as an outreach program directed to cultural enrichment in Grayson County.  


“It is all too simple to argue that students have a responsibility to their own success in the classroom and college.  This is of course true, yet our institution bears as much if not more responsibility in their success.  I am quite fond of Vincent Tinto’s comments on this subject. His argument that when students enter a college they are in fact entering into a “contract,” which in turn leads our college to own this moral obligation to create an environment on our campus that will lead to this student’s success.  Grayson College is well on its way to creating such an atmosphere as indicated by our commitment to structured curriculum pathways at Grayson.” 

- Dr. Machen

Chase Machen

Dean of Academic Studies

Liberal Arts
Room LA106

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Last updated: 10/23/2018